Those in jail/prison
have served their time.
But most will return to
prison unless they get
the help they need.

If they get the help they
need there will be less
crime. Safer
communities and lower
cost to taxpayers.

They need housing,
reestablish family
relationships and a job.

This is why we want to
help  these women.
Past Charity Event
The Fifteenth Annual Pancake Breakfast
Fourteenth Annual Pancake Breakfast
was Saturday, November 11, 2017. It was a success thanks
for all those who attended and those who mailed in checks
to help support The Shepherd's Way Ministries, Inc. 26
attended the pancake breakfast. Every one enjoyed the
pancakes and the time to meet new people. We want to
thank our guest speaker. Joyce Kirk shared about her
involvement in local jail ministry in Westcliffe, Colorado
where she shared weekly with women inmates and also
served on Kairos teams at Colorado’s Federal Women’s
Correctional Facility in Canon City, Colorado.
She shared the necessity of prayer for jail and prison
ministry for it to be successful. She invited other to join her
on the prayer team for The Shepherd's Way ministries.
Ruby Evans shared about her experience with jail and
prison ministry for several years and also being involved
with Homes helping women get their lives turned around.
She shared that it is important to have a home for these
women to get the help they need so they can live
successful lives.
Dale and Shirley shared an update about what’s happening
with this ministry and our vision for the future.

Those present thought the speakers was very interesting
and informative about why there is a need for a home for
women when they come out of jail or prison.

We received a total of $1,020.00. We want to thank everyone
who came.  
We are grateful to those who gave donations. We also want
to thank:
HyVee at 301 NE Rice Rd, Lee's Summit. For donating a Gift
Card for $25.00 for food for Pancake Breakfast.

Bed Bath & Beyond and Maridel Christian Books for
donating Gift Cards.  We want to thank On The Border for
Cards for Free Bowl of Signature Queso with adult entries;
We want to thank Cornerstone Church for providing a place
for us to have our Pancake Breakfast.
Saturday November 10, 2018 9:00AM
Will be our 15th Annual Pancake  Breakfast
Please Come be our guest.
9AM : Cornerstone Church
Lower Level 301 SE AA Hwy, Blue Springs, MO

Guest Speaker : Judy Henderson was a wife, working mom,
business woman, who experienced the perils of prison. She
has a powerful testimony and knows first hand that Jesus
performs miracles today!

We serve pancakes, sausage, juice, coffee, tea and
hot chocolate.

Door Prizes will be given.  
We are a non-profit organization with a vision and outreach
to prison inmates and you can be a part!
We will share an update of what's happening with The
Shepherd's Way Ministries and vision for the future.

A free will offering will be received to help support
The Shepherd's Way Ministries, Inc.

816-525-2932 leave message how many
are coming with you..

We look forward to seeing you!